Thursday, February 2, 2012

Happy GroundHog's Day!

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groundhog day prediction 2012

Groundhog day is celebrated every year in the United States and Canada on February 2.  It's an annual tradition in Punxsutawney, Pennsylvania where onlookers gather around to see if Punxsutawney Phil sees his shadow. According to folklore, if Punxsutawney see his shadow, we can expect another 6 weeks of winter. If he doesn't then Spring is just around the corner. I hate to be the bearer of bad news but Phil did see his shadow today, which means 6 more weeks of winter! Yikes!


  1. OMG Thanks for the reminder ... I totally forgot it was Groundhog day! Stopping in to follow from today's hop - hope you have time to visit soon and can return the favor :)

  2. One just has to wonder who really takes the groundhog myth for fact?!?! But I do love watching young children light up at his predictions!

    Thanks for visiting me at A Season for All Things. I'm your newest follower.

  3. returning the follow! have a great day, I did not know he saw his shadow this year! Thanks for posting and for visiting my blog!