Tuesday, February 14, 2012

United States of Chocolate

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I  bought the March 2012 issue of the Food Network Magazine this week. I usually buy a copy of this magazine from time to time, mainly if what's on the cover interests me. I have to tell you this issue captured my attention quickly. It's deemed "The Chocolate Issue." I not a real die hard chocoholic if you will, but I do love to indulge occasionally.

Low and behold I found an article titled "United States of Chocolate." This article mentioned America's best spots for chocolate lovers, from coast to coast. How awesome is that? I'm going to list a few of my favorites from each region. Although I've never eaten at any of this places, it's definitely on my to do list.


Chocolate Buffet at the Four Seasons Atlanta.
On Fridays in March you can feast on chocolate all day at this all you can eat chocolate buffet. Check out the fours seasons site by clicking here.

Giant Milkshake at Chick & Ruth's Delly, Annapolis, MD
Wow! This is a 6 pound milkshake. Yep, you read it right. 6 pounds of milkshake that is meant to be a dessert for sharing. It contains a half gallon of ice cream. Yikes! Bring it on..finish this gigantic delicious drink in less than an hour and you'll join hundreds on champions on the restaurant's website. Check out their site here.


Chocolate Moose, Len Libby , Scarborough, ME
I had the pleasure to live in Caribou, Maine for 3 years. I was always afraid of the big moose. It's a good thing I never had the pleasure to actually come into close encounters with one. But, this moose is a 1,700 pound life sized moose named Lenny that's made of real milk chocolate. I wouldn't mind getting my hands on these antlers. Luckily, you can't take a big bite out of Lenny, but you can buy smaller one pound versions to enjoy. Check out their website here.


Chocolate Lover's Garden, Chocolate Flower Farm, Langley, WA
Everything that is grown on this 8 acre garden is chocolate themed, including 6 foot brown sunflowers, chocolate colored corn and cocoa scented blossoms. Amazing, I've never even seen let alone heard of anything like this before. This farm is open yearly starting in April and ending in September. You can still purchase fun chocolate gardening supplies from the store in town year round. Check out their website here.


Dessert as Booze, Bailey's Chocolate Bar, St. Louis
Chocolate is not just for desserts you know. If you're in the mood for a chocolate cocktail, then Bailey's Chocolate Bar is the place for you to be. Here, you can choose from dozens of chocolate cocktails to include chocolate beer, chocolate port, and a  chocolate stout shake. Bailey's also offer a chocolate martini menu with at least 15 options. Check out their site here.

Chocolate Slice, Amore Chocolate Pizza Company, Leawood, KS
You will find that Pepperoni nor Parmesan is on the menu at this pizza joint. Pizza is made out of chocolate here my dear. Check out their site here for fun chocolate pizza ideas. 

If you're located in or near any of these cities, please don't miss an opportunity to check out all the wonderful chocolates. That's it folks. Enjoy and let's make it a great day.

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