Thursday, April 7, 2011

A World of Cake

What is cake? To most, if you live in the United States a cake is a sweet, layered dessert, often frosted and served at a celebration like a birthday, wedding or anniversary. But think about what others around the world would say if asked the same question. Author, Krystina Castella took the time and learned the cultural history of cake when she hosted a bake sale with the international students she teaches. Each student brought a cake from his or her family's heritage. Krystina incorportated these recipes into her cookbook, "A World of Cakes."  A World of Cakes features 150 recipes for sweet traditions from around the globe. This cookbook takes you on a fascinating culinary journey to include a sweet tour of cake history, culture and language. I just received my copy in the mail and can't wait to try some of these delicious treats! Let's make it a great day!


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